Wow, what a difference a month makes! One month ago, we were hearing about COVID 19, but most of us had no idea our lives would be so completely transformed by this pandemic. It is strange and difficult for us to stay at home–not only on Sundays, but all week long (unless our work is considered critical–our health and law enforcement professionals). It is strange, sad, and frightening to hear the death tolls and the numbers of infected people on the rise, not only here but all around the world. And it is strange to “miss” such special gatherings as Palm Sunday and Easter. Those special days still happen, but we can’t enjoy them in community with one another. So very strange!

But the good news of Jesus–the good news He brought, and the good news He is–cannot be stopped by even the fiercest pandemic. What Jesus did for us in living, teaching, healing, loving, dying, and rising again is not simply ancient history. It is now, and it is for such a time as this. We need to hear and remember that Jesus suffered–as many of us may be suffering, now or in the future. We need to hear and remember that despite his suffering, Jesus overcame death and the grave. Because Jesus lives, we too can live–both now and eternally.

“I know that my Redeemer lives!” What comfort this sweet sentence gives. In our sorrow, in our fear, in our uncertainty, He lives and He loves us, now and forever.